Lilou & John | Wirdarne

Wirdarne from Sweden is an example of the poetic beauty still dwelling in the deep forests, overshadowed by left wing plastic fake culture. The music reminds me of Waterboys old version of ”The Stolen Child”, and my thoughts go to the Swedish metal band Therion and their combination of darkness and awe. I almost get that familiar paganistic feeling when I listen to the track ”Silent Light” from the album The Smålandian Forests, and I want to go out into the wild and search for the trolls and goblins that roamed this land centuries ago. There is something primordial that links me to the old indo-european creation myths when I hear the music, something I might as well call ”sacred” or ”holy”, that dates back to eras long before the birth of written language.

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Lilou & John | Payback Day

The idea of writing the lyrics for the anti-Bolshevik anthem "Payback Day" came from a song by the old Swedish skinhead band Pluton Svea called "Öga för öga" ("An eye for an eye"), but the first version was kind of tacky and focused too much on the tragedy of growing up in a left wing family and becoming mentally ill, and as a result of that developing severe Bolshevik syndrome.

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Lilou & John | Rotten Copper

Welcome to the musical universe of Steve Cefala. I was astonished when I pressed play on my cellphone. I had heard that he had partly British ancestry, was a distant relative to Jefferson and Washington, and liked guys like Pat Buchanan, General Alexander Haig, Ross Perot, Hunter S Thompson, Newt Gingrich and POTUS Donald Trump. I thought he would do folk music like the songs that must have gone through the heads of the minutemen back in the 18th century (ha ha I was so wrong). Dark heavy metal rarely gets better than this. Anyone familiar with black/doom metal band Dawning could have heard Steve before.

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Lilou & John | Bogme

When I heard the British singer-songwriter Nick Drake for the first time I fell in love with the sound. Since then I have been looking for anyone who has a similar approach to music, but perhaps with more energy. I found Bogme and I have never heard anything as beautiful in this genre before. The song ”And Friends” from the album with the unforgettable title For the first time, we’re all right where we’re supposed to be strikes me as something that has not been done for many years, if ever.

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Lilou & John | Ryan Kulp

I met Nils Degerlund a few weeks ago at a barbecue. Imagine the combination of a northern Swedish accent, eyes you can't fool and great understanding of meta-politics. I recall his words: "The problem with right wing music is that they have often focused too much on politics and too little on production and musical quality." Therefore it comes as no surprise that Nils has put a lot of work into his one man band Nova Arminius.

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Lilou & John | Pale White Skin

When I first heard "The Snow Fell” from 2009, by Swedish singer-songwriter Saga I was astonished. First of all, it's a beautiful song and I simply cannot stop listening to it. Secondly, the question I had to ask myself was ”is it possible to describe the Second world war outside of the box.” Now don’t get me wrong. Imperialism is not my thing, I am more than happy to leave that to cosmopolitan socialists, whether they are national- or culture socialists. ”The Snow Fell”, however, is a masterpiece, as it describes the Russo-German war of 1941-1945 from a German perspective.

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Lilou & John | Pale White Skin

The song ”Hey there Europa” (based on Plain White T’s ”Hey there Delilah” from 2005) made me almost fall off the chair. I haven’t found much information about the artist Plain White Skin so these are nothing but my own thoughts. The vocal is beautiful and the song is a sad, emotional and honest lament for Europe. The band apparently have no intention of hiding their thoughts and I appreciate their transparency. I don’t know if the band members are white nationalists or just fed up citizens without political color. If I could I would rewrite a few words that make the lyrics less beautiful, but it’s nevertheless a song that could have been a world hit.

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Lilou & John | My Eclectic Self

My Eclectic Self, AKA Stephen Willis, hit me like a soft caress. I love the melancholy folk sound of this American singer/songwriter. I come to think of the moments in my life when I was in the most need of someone who would understand me. The music is soft and powerful, full of compassion and honesty.

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Lilou & John | Ryan Kulp

I always thought I would hate this kind of music. Or rather, I thought I would always hate this kind of artists, catchy and full of quick lyrics. I always imagine them with too big clothes, silly hats, one-liners and more attitude than personality. I send my thanks to Ryan Kulp for helping me realize that I was totally wrong. The first song on Ryan’s debut album South of Market is nothing but a masterpiece. I can’t stop moving to the music. I hear the inspiration from Paul Simon, Jason Mraz and other big artists. Just that Ryan Kulp does it with a gusto that takes the breath out of me.

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Lilou & John | Brandon Duncan Nerve War

Have you ever heard any music by Brandon Duncan from Kansas City, Missouri recently? If not, you have perhaps missed one of the most highly innovative and interesting dark music creators around who has been releasing tracks for some 20 years now. I come to think of the British artist Lustmord, sci-fi soundtracks as they should be in a perfect world, and the raw power of death metal instrumentals. If you like industry metal and dark electronica please visit his sites and consider giving him your support. Remember to take a good look at his artwork too. This guy is brilliant!

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