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My Eclectic Self, AKA Stephen Willis, hit me like a soft caress. I love the melancholy folk sound of this American singer/songwriter. I come to think of the moments in my life when I was in the most need of someone who would understand me. The music is soft and powerful, full of compassion and honesty.

The three track album My eclectic self strikes me as the kind of music I think would change the life for many kids growing up in dysfunctional families. Instead of burning cars they could let the tears through and look within themselves for answers.

Maybe this is the most wonderful part of My Eclectic Self, the lyrics are like open hands. You see everything. The future looks interesting too for this great folk singer, his new album will touch the topic of "leaders who lie, cheat and steal to achieve more money and power.”

He says that he has been empowered by the right wing thinkers who are tired of hiding their opinions to fit in the far left mainstream culture. My Eclectic Self is therefore also an example of an artist that symbolize the struggle for justice and democracy though freedom of speech. Make sure to check him out and get inspired to pick up a guitar and make more music just like this gentleman from Gilbert, Arizona.



Music is free in the tax-funded snowflake mind only. All non-communists pay for good music to support their artists. If you are interested in new folk music and you want to be a part of the new right wing / conservative counter culture spreading all over the Western World, check out My Eclectic Self and show your support.

I buy music made by the people for the people.

To show you support to My Eclectic Self on Gab, please go here.

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