Lilou & John | Payback Day

The idea of writing the lyrics for the anti-Bolshevik anthem "Payback Day" came from a song by the old Swedish skinhead band Pluton Svea called "Öga för öga" ("An eye for an eye"), but the first version was kind of tacky and focused too much on the tragedy of growing up in a left wing family and becoming mentally ill, and as a result of that developing severe Bolshevik syndrome.

I got new inspiration from Brexit and the Trump Train, and rewrote the lyrics to describe the difficulties of growing up as a Conservative second class citizen in your own country. However, the main character was still a Bolshevik and still the text was far too long and had some lengthy side stories that made the song too academic.

It wasn't until I read about Richard B. Spencer and the "no enemies to the right" concept of the Alt-Right that I rewrote the text a third time and made the main character a Conservative man who decides to fight back against the Bolshevik "democratic" multi-kulti oppression we are all too familiar with.

When Lilou read what I thought was the final text (which was twice as long as today) she asked me to cut a few verses, so I did and patched it up thoroughly. Lilou tossed together one of her strong melodies and started to sing. She has this ability to move into the story and become the narrator when she sings, and "Payback Day" was no exception. Her voice delivered an angry never-surrender kind of story about rising up against oppression. The end result was a song that was both personal and thought-provocative at the same time.

We released the song in April and one early morning Lilou woke me up too early, looked into my eyes and said she just got inspiration for the music video as she had found this new wonderful video app for her cell phone. We got dressed, tossed the kids into the car and went a-filming. It took us about three hours for Lilou to shoot the entire video.

And it's all there, the local newspaper Borås Tidning who accused me of being a "nazi" because of an article where I called the regime anti-democratic, Swedish "public service" radio station P4 Sjuhärad that refused us airplay simply because of our non-Bolshevik opinions, and the abandoned former military training grounds Bockaby that is nowadays a popular site for paintball matches. We borrowed the nerf guns from our youngest son.

"Payback Day", the last track on the album Dissidentica, is our most famous song so far, and it seems both mainstream Conservatives as well as Alt-Righters, Identitarians and Nationalists like it. A bit funny, considering that I borrowed the backbeat from gypsy pop. Weren't extreme right wingers supposed to be some kind of culturally retarded serial killers that only listen to the cries of their victims? Seems that was just prejudice, folks. Like everything else.

Finally, here we go. This song is our two-man declaration of all-out culture war against Bolshevism. If you're bored one day, go to a university campus and play it out loud to trigger some Gulag-lovers. You will get a good laugh.



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