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When I first heard "The Snow Fell” from 2009, by Swedish singer-songwriter Saga I was astonished. First of all, it's a beautiful song and I simply cannot stop listening to it. Secondly, the question I had to ask myself was ”is it possible to describe the Second world war outside of the box.” Now don’t get me wrong. Imperialism is not my thing, I am more than happy to leave that to cosmopolitan socialists, whether they are national- or culture socialists. ”The Snow Fell”, however, is a masterpiece, as it describes the Russo-German war of 1941-1945 from a German perspective.

Art, music and literature should be free from political influences in an ideal world, that is my opinion, even if I know that humans seek power, and therefore try to control the arts. ”The Snow Fell” is a brilliant example of music that steps out of the contemporary box of political correctness and look at history with new eyes.

”What about the Holocaust?” I hear someone saying. Yes, the Holocaust was an awful crime with millions dead and the best way to prevent genocide in the future is to understand our past.

It is my sincere opinion that if people in Europe after World War II (and especially after 1968) had tried to understand Adolf Hitler instead of demonizing him, the West would not stand at the brink of a Third World War. The National Socialists in the Third Reich did terrible things - but they were by no means evil incarnate. For something to be called ”evil” we need something else to call ”good”, and this is where we have failed to learn from history.

The truth is that just like the Bolsheviks in Russia the National Socialists were born from the ruins of a Cosmopolitan Ruling Class Project. Imperial Russia created Lenin, just like the Weimar Republic created Hitler, and demonizing Hitler has stopped us from realizing we have created a new Weimar. Politicians that think about nothing else but how to win as many voters as possible make bad rulers, when you challenge bad rulers they turn into tyrants. and tyrants follow one simple rule: eat or get eaten.

We post this video as a statement that we must never close our eyes and pretend that the world can be divided into ”good” and ”evil”. Music, art, science and literature must be free or we will never learn anything from history. Saga asks us an important question: are you willing to change perspective for a second. I ask you a question: are you willing to learn why National Socialism, Islamism and Communism are on the rise again? This song might have an important piece of the answer to that question, as you must walk a mile in Adolf Hitler’s shoes to understand the Holocaust.

And before you yell ”fuck off Nazi scum", Snowflake: Understanding National Socialism is not the same thing as saying ”Heil Hitler”. Drop the attitude and you might even learn something.

Find more about her on her website and consider buying her records. Swedish media hasn't been kind to her, so support her as best you can.

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