Lilou & John | Wirdarne

Wirdarne from Sweden is an example of the poetic beauty still dwelling in the deep forests, overshadowed by left wing plastic fake culture. The music reminds me of Waterboys old version of ”The Stolen Child”, and my thoughts go to the Swedish metal band Therion and their combination of darkness and awe. I almost get that familiar paganistic feeling when I listen to the track ”Silent Light” from the album The Smålandian Forests, and I want to go out into the wild and search for the trolls and goblins that roamed this land centuries ago. There is something primordial that links me to the old indo-european creation myths when I hear the music, something I might as well call ”sacred” or ”holy”, that dates back to eras long before the birth of written language.

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Lilou & John | Pale White Skin

The song ”Hey there Europa” (based on Plain White T’s ”Hey there Delilah” from 2005) made me almost fall off the chair. I haven’t found much information about the artist Plain White Skin so these are nothing but my own thoughts. The vocal is beautiful and the song is a sad, emotional and honest lament for Europe. The band apparently have no intention of hiding their thoughts and I appreciate their transparency. I don’t know if the band members are white nationalists or just fed up citizens without political color. If I could I would rewrite a few words that make the lyrics less beautiful, but it’s nevertheless a song that could have been a world hit.

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Lilou & John | My Eclectic Self

My Eclectic Self, AKA Stephen Willis, hit me like a soft caress. I love the melancholy folk sound of this American singer/songwriter. I come to think of the moments in my life when I was in the most need of someone who would understand me. The music is soft and powerful, full of compassion and honesty.

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