Lilou & John | Bogme

One of Belzebubble’s favorites, Bogme, has released yet another great track, this time for the Gab TV show ”Slightly Sober.” We thought Conservative reggae would be a no-go zone but it seems as if we were totally wrong. This song has quickly turned into a favorite! Buy it on Bandcamp and support one of America's best contemporary pop artists.

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Lilou & John | Bogme

When I heard the British singer-songwriter Nick Drake for the first time I fell in love with the sound. Since then I have been looking for anyone who has a similar approach to music, but perhaps with more energy. I found Bogme and I have never heard anything as beautiful in this genre before. The song ”And Friends” from the album with the unforgettable title For the first time, we’re all right where we’re supposed to be strikes me as something that has not been done for many years, if ever.

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Lilou & John | Ryan Kulp

I always thought I would hate this kind of music. Or rather, I thought I would always hate this kind of artists, catchy and full of quick lyrics. I always imagine them with too big clothes, silly hats, one-liners and more attitude than personality. I send my thanks to Ryan Kulp for helping me realize that I was totally wrong. The first song on Ryan’s debut album South of Market is nothing but a masterpiece. I can’t stop moving to the music. I hear the inspiration from Paul Simon, Jason Mraz and other big artists. Just that Ryan Kulp does it with a gusto that takes the breath out of me.

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