Lilou & John

Lilou & John


Formed in 2015, the Swedish indie band Lilou & John dedicated to freedom of speech have already released two albums, "100 Faces" from 2016 and "Dissidentica" from 2017. From the start the band members decided to turn to alternative media for promotion. However, music blogs for right wing bands are scarce, so in April 2017 they transformed their blog Belzebubbles into a R3C music blog to change that.

Lilou & John mix styles, genres, rhythms and sounds to create modern R3C music for a right wing age and make music from a non-Bolshevik point of view. Please check them out on if your are interested in the next generation of rock, pop and folk. Just visit Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon for downloads.


The band want to show that it is possible to break through outside of the Bolshevik box and without politically correct opinions such as romanticizing crime, the breakdown of society, sharia rule, terror, riots and oppression. As a result, alternative media in Sweden have shown much interest in Lilou & John.

Nya Tider, Sweden's biggest independent newspaper.
Fria Tider, Sweden's leading Conservative news site.
Motpol, Swedish top Conservative Identitarian think tank.
Projekt Morpheus, Citizen Journalism for freedom of speech.