Lilou & John | My Eclectic Self

My Eclectic Self, AKA Stephen Willis, hit me like a soft caress. I love the melancholy folk sound of this American singer/songwriter. I come to think of the moments in my life when I was in the most need of someone who would understand me. The music is soft and powerful, full of compassion and honesty.

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Lilou & John | Ryan Kulp

I always thought I would hate this kind of music. Or rather, I thought I would always hate this kind of artists, catchy and full of quick lyrics. I always imagine them with too big clothes, silly hats, one-liners and more attitude than personality. I send my thanks to Ryan Kulp for helping me realize that I was totally wrong. The first song on Ryan’s debut album South of Market is nothing but a masterpiece. I can’t stop moving to the music. I hear the inspiration from Paul Simon, Jason Mraz and other big artists. Just that Ryan Kulp does it with a gusto that takes the breath out of me.

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Lilou & John | Brandon Duncan Nerve War

Have you ever heard any music by Brandon Duncan from Kansas City, Missouri recently? If not, you have perhaps missed one of the most highly innovative and interesting dark music creators around who has been releasing tracks for some 20 years now. I come to think of the British artist Lustmord, sci-fi soundtracks as they should be in a perfect world, and the raw power of death metal instrumentals. If you like industry metal and dark electronica please visit his sites and consider giving him your support. Remember to take a good look at his artwork too. This guy is brilliant!

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Lilou & John | Right wing punk

The Lollards were a religious movement during the late Middle ages. They stood up against the Papacy and prepared the ground for the Reformation of Martin Luther in 1517. Entering the musical realm of the hispanic American Calvinist punk project The Lollards from Fortuna, California, is therefore a journey with deep significance to our understanding of truth.

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