R3C Manifesto

The Right is about to win the political war across all of the western world. The populist uprising has shattered the political establishment, and even though the right wing movement is split into a number of fractions, such as ”mainstream” Conservatives, Classical (non-Progressive) Liberals, the Counter Jihad movement, Nationalists, the Alt-Right and Identitarians, the Left is losing battle after battle.

There is however one war where the Left still beats the Right without any real competition, the meta-political war: music, art, literature, philosophy and so forth. Without right wing culture the Left will have won the war in spite of all recent right wing political success.

We want to make one thing clear: It was not politics that led the Left to power in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Their ideas were black-and-white blame-the-right-for-everything kind of politics that only managed to survive due to one simple reason, that they knew how to use music, art and literature to promote their shallow logic. It was not Das Kapital that rose them to power. It was Woodstock.

RiWi Quote by John

Paul Joseph Watson has for long talked about Conservatism as the new counter culture. It is a good starting point, but as long as right wing news sites, blogs and think tanks do not write about right wing music and art on a regular basis there will never be any right wing or Conservative counter culture. The music scene is still underground and needs to come out into the light. Therefore we have, together with Brett Stevens from Amerika.org, created the acronym R3C*, which stands for "Right Wing Music and Conservative Counter Culture". The moment that right wing sites start promoting good bands making R3C, artists such as Bob Dylan and The Velvet Underground (as well as their National Socialist counterparts) will no longer define how political music is supposed to sound and how its lyrics is supposed to be written.

Perhaps Gangsta-rap is the best example of successful use of left wing meta-politics in the world today, as it has spread around the world and include classical left wing ideas such as romanticizing a criminal lifestyle (the revolutionary avant garde) and social unrest (the revolutionary triggers), and the rejection of civil authority (the revolution).

Therefore the lyrics on our latest album discuss topics such as Islamic terror, white identity (as opposed to white supremacy), oppression of free speech and establishment fake news. It is also the reason why our music is a mix of pop, rock and folk, looking into the future as well as keeping in touch with the past. We have a dream to bring the right wing fractions together through music and support the growth of a world wide counter culture that can stand up against left wing music propaganda.

*In early interviews we refer to R3C as RiWi/CCC.

R3C Quote by Lilou

We send our music to ”mainstream” Conservative, Identitarian, Traditonalist, Nationalist, Classical Liberal and Counter-Jihadist websites and podcasts. We want editors and writers to understand the power that lies within music and the importance of writing about R3C bands that can spread the new counter culture. The moment when Western youths stop consuming left wing slave moral ideas through music, and instead start listening to modern music with right wing lyrics the Right will have finally started winning the culture war. The problem seems to be that many right wing activists seem to believe there is no need for a counter culture, or that there is no point competing with the omni-present left wing music industry.

We believe that political movements always need meta-politics to survive in the long run, since political victories have a maximum lifetime of a few decades, whereas cultural victories can last a millennia. We only need to remember that lasting political change is always downstream from cultural change, as Andrew Breitbart put it.

We have started Belzebubbles to prove that Mr. Watson is right, R3C is here to stay, for Right Wing Music and Conservative Counter Culture is superior, beautiful and powerful.

Lilou & John