Welcome to Belzebubbles, the world's first international Right Wing / Conservative Counter Culture music blog. We welcome submissions from all R3C bands and artists. We listen to everything you send us.

Perhaps you are a Mainstream Conservative, Capitalist, Alt-Righter, Identitarian, Right Wing Christian, Archeo-Futurist, Counter-Jihadist, Traditionalist, Constitutionalist, Classical Liberal or just anyone who is fed up with left wing politicized music industry that slams the door in your face as soon as they found out about your political views. Shake the sand off your sandals and come to us instead.

He are the please dos:

  • Submit your own music. Please note that your lyrics (if you have any) should be in English so a maximum number of people will get a chance to understand.
  • Send us a short bio, including your hometown, country, your name(s), the name of your band or your stage name, whatever it is you want us to call you.
  • Send us a link to SoundCloud or YouTube for one of your songs if possible, so we can use for streaming.
  • Send us a link to somewhere people can buy your music.
  • Send us a maximum of one submission per release. Feel free to contact us again as soon as you have some new material however.
  • Start your own R3C music site and contact us so we can support you.

Here are the please don'ts:

  • Submit stolen material. We will remove it upon discovery.
  • Send us download links. We publish links to your music only.
  • Send us music with racist lyrics, or lyrics that promote violence. We respect your freedom of speech but that music will not be published on Belzebubbles.
  • Fill our mailbox with Bolshevik spam.