Lilou & John | Bogme

Nerve War is back again, with another instrumental industry hammer ramming down everything in its way. Anyone up for mayhem? Sterilizer II is probably some of the best music you can listen to if you have just a little too much anger within you that needs to get out. We guarantee that you will not relax one second from the start to the end. Buy it on Bandcamp and be sure to check out the other works by this genius.

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Lilou & John | Brandon Duncan Nerve War

Have you ever heard any music by Brandon Duncan from Kansas City, Missouri recently? If not, you have perhaps missed one of the most highly innovative and interesting dark music creators around who has been releasing tracks for some 20 years now. I come to think of the British artist Lustmord, sci-fi soundtracks as they should be in a perfect world, and the raw power of death metal instrumentals. If you like industry metal and dark electronica please visit his sites and consider giving him your support. Remember to take a good look at his artwork too. This guy is brilliant!

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