Lilou & John | Xandr

This instrumental Englishman contacted us earlier this year, but unfortunately we had too little time to write about him by then. Now we finally have time to give him the acknowledgement he deserves.

Xandr is a strange fellow. We cannot really get a grasp of what he wants to achieve with his music, other than he paints an amazing ambient universe. We think of strange creatures lurking in the dark of the ocean when "Cold Embrace" flows out of our loudspeakers. He says he has a right wing twist to his music, and the originality is certainly there for anyone to see. Sometimes it's like walking into the halls of Grieg's mountain kings, as on "Before the Frost". It's dramatic with a symphonic edge. This guy is mixing styles in a very attractive way and we must recommend him to all lover's of darkwave and symphonic electronica with metal influences.

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